Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I download the pattern I've purchased?

    After your payment has been approved, the download links will be sent directly to your e-mail address, be sure to check your spam folder if you can't find it!

The whole process usually takes less than 5 minutes, if you don't see any emails during this time check your spam folder.

   You can also click on the button at the bottom of any page called "Download your order", where you can use your order number and email to retrieve your download link.

   Alternatively, If you have created an account before your purchase, the download links will also be available in your order screen.


Are the patterns suitable for beginners?

    Yes, we have patterns for multiple skill levels. For a beginner we recommend smaller (up to 60 by 60 stitches). Most patterns on the store use exclusively regular full-stitches, which is the primary cross-stitching technique. If a pattern requires the use of more complex stitching methods, it will be specifically stated in the product description.


How big will my finished cross stitch project be?

    That depends on the fabric you choose to use. On the description, as well as the PDF, we have included the sizes for the 3 most common fabric sizes, Aida 14, 16 and 18. These numbers are called the fabric count, and they represent how many holes are in an inch of fabric, for example, on an Aida 14 cloth, you will have 14 holes per inch of fabric, since you will be using those holes to stitch, a bigger Aida count means a smaller final size.

You`re free to use whichever fabric count you want, the sizes included are just for the more common ones, if you choose to use a different fabric count, you can use a calculator such as the one in the link below:

Yarn Tree Cross Stitch Calculator

In this calculator, you will use dimensions of the cross stitch design itself, this is available on the description of each pattern, under the name of Design Area.


How big do I need my embroidery hoop to be to fit a pattern?

    You will need to take in account the fabric count and the size of the project for this particular type of fabric, after that, choose an embroidery hoop that leaves at least 1" (~3cm), rounding up.

Example: If a pattern says it is 6" by 8.5" in a Aida 14 fabric, We'd recommend getting a 10" hoop.